Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Learn Something New Every Day

It's true - every time you learn a new fact, it pushes out some old knowledge in order to make room. If it works right, it's just like TiVo: as you add the new episode of House, somewhere down the line an old Dukes of Hazard gets erased.

Anyway, it's probably safe to erase how-to-eject-a-stuck-floppy-disk and add this bit of insider information:

You may not have noticed before, but if you look closely at the loaves of bread on your grocery store shelves you’ll see that they are sealed with twist ties in a variety of colors. The colors vary not only by brand, but also within the same brand of bread.

Most bread companies use varying colors of twist ties to track the freshness of bread. For example, bread that was baked on Monday may be sealed with a blue tie; Tuesday may be green, Wednesday orange… etc. The color coding makes it much easier for employees to remove stale loaves and replace them with fresh ones. It is faster to look at the color of the twist tie than it is to read the date code on each bag.

As a consumer you can use this information to get the freshest loaf. However, the color coding system is not consistent between brands, but some people claim the most common system is the following:

* Monday: Blue twisty
* Tuesday: Green twisty
* Wednesday: (No bread delivered)
* Thursday: Red twisty
* Friday: White twisty
* Saturday: Yellow twisty
* Sunday: (No bread delivered)

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