Monday, September 19, 2005


Man, is it ever Monday. I had a full day's work before the phone
started ringing. And darned people don't realize that some days
I just don't want to hear from them, well, if they're in the exact opposite
direction from where I'm going. I'd rather they hold off doing
stupid things with their machinery until I'm back in their area.

Ah, foo, ok I better git. Work will be a nice break from what I did
this weekend. (I sorted through basement memories in the folks old
house, my old house, the house I partly grew up in) Lots of things
brought back memories, but lots of things had to be thrown away. And
what if I toss out a brother's boy scout badge, or a sister's favorite
baton? So it was melancholy mixed with winnowing, categorizing with
recollections on top. My mind still hums from the shifting of mental
gears. I envy those with only one gear; obsessed people expend almost
no energy above the neck. Which is why Michael Moore must sleep
like a (big) (slobbery) baby.

Update: Ha, day went well. They always do when you start
them with a little jab at Michael Moore.