Friday, September 09, 2005

Poor Performance

Maybe President Bush did make bad decisions in response to the
Katrina disaster. When Blanco couldn't pull the trigger and authorize
federal control, maybe Bush should have rolled over her and taken
control. [Of course the stupid 13% would have had a ball with that]
Instead Bush let the incompetent state and local team fail first.
From the NYT:

Aides to Ms. Blanco said she was prepared to accept the deployment of active-duty military officials in her state. But she and other state officials balked at giving up control of the Guard as Justice Department officials said would have been required by the Insurrection Act if those combat troops were to be sent in before order was restored.

In a separate discussion last weekend, the governor also rejected a more modest proposal for a hybrid command structure in which both the Guard and active-duty troops would be under the command of an active-duty, three-star general - but only after he had been sworn into the Louisiana National Guard.

Ah well. Let the shrill 13% run off half-cocked. It's evident that the (D) state
and local officials dropped the ball, first by failing to do their best with the
evacuation, then by blocking the Red Cross trucks, then by crying for more federal
aid while at the same time throwing up roadblocks to it's use.


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't FEMA been "incompetent" during other, non-Louisiana hurricane? Because you had people like Jeb Bush who knew what they were doing. "Starve 'em out" doesn't seem like a well-thought out policy when it comes to evacuating a citizenry with no private transportation or who are too old or ill to help themselves.