Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I quit early due to rumors of rain and generally bad traffic. I always tell myself
that I'll do office work when I quit early like this, but usually with no more
conviction than Ted Kennedy has with his abstinence pledges. Today I might get
some stuff done though; depends on how interesting the netnews is.

I'll tell you what, the Drudge headline: "Onlookers horrified as Michael Jackson is
spotted at a Dubai water park - wearing a skin tight all-in-one Lycra suit..."

is one I can wait for further details on. Truth is, I'm not clicking on the link only
because there might be a picture. Some things you just can't unsee.


Anonymous said...

MICHAEL JACKSON rented out an entire water park in Dubai so children and their parents could have fun for free.

The reclusive superstar, now based in the middle east, baffled onlookers at the Wild Wadi park, wearing a white lycra body suit that exposed just his nose and eyes.

A lifeguard tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "He looked even stranger than usual.

"His body is very skinny and lycra does him no favours."


No photo available.

lumberjack said...

>no photo available

thank goodness
The only thing worse than chubby in lycra is probably skinny in lycra.