Thursday, June 07, 2007

Criminal Justice

A sheriff's spokesman acknowledged that there was "the perception of preferential treatment," but promised, "I can assure you that the next celebrity we get through here will be 'thrashed righteously.'"

watch your step Nick


PGP said...

Sherrif's Union "Pissed"

lumberjack said...

Yes, I guess they are. And I'll bet anyone else who's still in jail for a similar offense isn't too pleased.

There is the (slim) chance that she is just scared out of her mind - I mean to the point where they really were afraid she would do something to hurt herself.

In which case the only fair thing to do would be to clear up the celebrity karma ledger with a good Nolte battering and send them both home.

PGP said...

Hehe! Today it seems she has been re-arrested and trundled back to the hoosgow!
Sheriff Bacca it seems has been reprimanded and may face charges of obstruction by the sentencing judge.

wrymouth said...

I know it seems cruel and petty, but can one EVER go wrong by posting the Nick Nolte mugshot for humorous purposes?


lumberjack said...