Friday, June 15, 2007

This Internet Thing

Another one I didn't read; who needs more than the headline -
CLAIM: One in five people on Earth has internet... OK, but how many is that when you take out the Viagra salesmen? One in ten? twenty?

Anyway, don't know why, but it made me realize something - I'm currently looking at switching from my cable company. I won't mention them by name but their name rhymes with "comcast". Whoa, look at that. They're spelled the same as the word they rhyme with. Wonder how often that happens?

So, the thing I realized is that my phone company may soon be offering TV (and internet) over fiber optics. This would be great, except for the fact that the phone company has even worse customer service than the cable company. And here I really won't mention them by name because I've heard Verizon can be very vindictive. I shudder to think what life would be like on their "B" list.

That aside, the whole who-to-use question gets stickier when you consider that Comcast is offering phone service now. And they're cheaper than Verizon. But Verizon may offer cheaper TV and internet than Comcast. So what to do? Get TV from the phone company, and phone service from the cable company? Sure, that makes sense. Where do I get electricity then, from the water utility? Don't get me wrong, I'm modern, I can adapt. And if it makes sense to get TV from the phone company, and Phone service from the TV company, well, I'll do it. I just fear the day when I forget to pay the phone bill, and I won't know who to call, or what to call them on. "Honey, the TV's not working."
"OK, we'll move again and start over."


turn said...


You've posted a few things before that lead me to believe you're based in O'Malleyland.

I work for the 800lb gorilla whose logo looks a bit like a copyright symbol, and both V and we supply a fine service with the best value enjoyed by subscribers to all three services

But on any given day as you are out and about, try to keep a tally of the number of V trucks and C trucks you see rolling.

I can probably present you with a superior plan that what you currently have.

You can reach me by following these clues.

"Sorry about that, chief".

Add 1 to title character followed by dividing 9 into sidekick.

Anonymous said...

But you'd have to get smarter