Saturday, June 16, 2007

Palestinian Sense of Humor

How very odd they can be:

In their first order since seizing control of the Gaza Strip, Hamas Islamists banned gunmen from wearing masks - unless they are shooting at Israel.

The masks have become commonplace in the Gaza Strip during weeks of factional fighting between the ruling Hamas movement and President Mahmoud Abbas's secular Fatah faction.

Both sides wore the masks to hide their identities.

“A decision was taken last night to prevent (people from wearing) masks,” Khaled Abu Hilal, a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry, said.
If you're a gunman wearing a mask you're either Fatah or Hamas, friend or foe. So what are they going to do to enforce the ban? Shoot at the mask wearers? They'd either be shooting at their own guys or shooting at the guys they'd be shooting at anyway.

I'm reminded of that, "We embrace death the way you embrace life," quote. In that case, go for the group hug.