Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Andrew Sullivan goes off half-cocked again:

My Sunday Times column is on what Gaza and the West Bank tell us about the limits of democratic transformation in the Arab world.
If an armed uprising against the government means you're not ready for democracy, does that mean that South America isn't ready for democracy. Wait, and Central America, Africa, wait, North America, and Europe.... Wait, is nobody ready for democracy? What Andrew is saying, is that it used to be that democracy was something that had to be fought for, that freedom used to have to be earned, but now, well if you can't get it off the shelf like a bag of Cheetos, or in Andrews case, an extra large bag of Cheetos, well then it's not worth the bother. We don't want the world to be like that, so it won't be.

Like the climate, yes, it used to be changeable but we decided we didn't like that situation. We would like it like this, please. Don't speak to us of the way things used to work.