Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PopPop RIP

Well, the Lumberdad-in-law passed away last night, after a good bit of ill health. Still, it was a surprise. And also bad: the lumberwife was with the kid and some school friends at the beach. This was not a call I wanted to make at 2:00 AM. And it wasn't the call anyone wants to get at any time, ever.

God bless Johnny. The pain of this last year is over. Thanks for the wife, and for being a good pop-pop to my kid. You did good.

The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.


PGP said...

Sincere Condolences to your family.

Nice remembrance!

Stone said...

God be with you guys...

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Bless him.

Tell your wife I have her in my prayers.

lumberjack said...

Thanks! Your thoughts are appreciated. And thanks to those who mailed too, it's just too crazy around here to answer any mail lately. A minor thing, but the thing that is taking up most of my time: I've got to straighten-up/clean-up, the house for guests.

At a minimum I'll have to get the cattle out of the living room.

May as well apologize for light blogging as well - I'll post when I can. Worst case scenario, I'll cut and paste entire James Taranto posts and just sign my name to them.