Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foreign Policy

John Bolton nails the current administration's "foreign policy" in an article that very appropriately borrows from Mark Twain - Innocents Abroad:

So what emerges from a president who is basically uninterested in foreign affairs, who doesn’t see our manifold threats and challenges as worthy of presidential time and energy, who repeatedly stresses devotion to negotiations that are divorced from their substantive outcome, and who believes that multilateral fora rather than American resolve and power can address foreign problems? The now-indisputable answer is a failing, collapsing U.S. foreign policy.

The first Obama campaign got a boost from people who liked the sound of his squishy "let's extend an open hand to friends and enemies alike" policy. Possibly they couldn't hear me shouting "Nooooo!" at the TV. But it was doomed from the start, and now those supporters aren't asking why the enlightenment-dividend hasn't materialized.

Anyway, read the Bolton piece. He explains it in gooder english than me do.