Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trained Duck

We had a couple of ducks when I was growing up in Texas. They were nothing at all like this domesticated fellow. (by the way, you can't train ducks to fight like chickens) Pretty much, our ducks just pooped, ran from the dog, and escaped the yard.

When Rusty the dog finally caught one of them we expected carnage. But it turned out that he didn't want to kill and eat them - his was more of a romantic interest. Great, I thought, as Rusty pinned him to the ground and did the romantic dog dance: one more reason to avoid eye contact with the neighbors.

Funny thing. I can't remember whatever happened to those ducks. I'm sure we didn't eat them. Maybe my dad "took them to live on a farm" somewhere.

So, turning this into an educational post: don't get ducks as pets. Oh, even more important: don't get monkeys as pets. Monkeys are like ducks who can throw poop.