Thursday, September 29, 2011

You're Not Tough Enough

A little soft? Watchyou sayin? We take too many vacations? We should be more competitive like who? Like the Chinese?

So what we're lacking is a willingness to subject a segment of the population to near slave conditions in order that the labor component for an assembled Elmo doll be 18 cents? We need to be lean and mean, like that?

Or do you think maybe our competitive edge might be dulled by endless layers of bureaucracy and regulations that make it impossible for Gibson Guitar to satisfy the government on every point without sending employees out into the forests to sit with each tree as it grows from sapling to slab to Les Paul.

What would make us more competitive? More labor unions? Stopping companies from building plants in right to work states because, well because, because we said so?

Heck, I can see someone reading this blog for the first time coming to the conclusion that I'm anti-Obama. I am NOT anti-Obama. He's our president and I'll support him until he's reduced us all to ashes.

No my only problem with Obama is with the things that he says. And does. And probably thinks. The rest, I'm A-OK with. His dog - big thumbs up. His regulation making - big No. I only oppose what he says, does, thinks, and is.

You say choke. Well I say you're getting soft! Now Giddyup!