Thursday, September 08, 2011

They're Only Pretend Shotguns

N. O'Really (I'm pretty sure that is his name) sent me the link to Tea Party Zombies Must Die. First person shooters give vertigo or wendigo or whatever, so I didn't play it a lot.

It is rather disturbing though. No, not the blood and guts -- but if they put this much effort into solving the economy, we could be in real trouble. What am I saying? They'll never put this much work into solving economic problems.

What we'll get is..... wait for it.... drum-roll here..... Borrow $300 billion and do another stimulus! Yeah, because second or third time is a charm. And the first stimulus got us where we are today: just finishing up our second recovery summer.

We're going to spend ourselves to prosperity. Even if it kills us. In the meantime, the mean-time, there's diversions like this.