Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let's Not Nit-Pick, Shall We?

Those of you who delight in finding mistakes made by the smartest man in the room, house, country, world, jumped right on it when he mentioned us building the "intercontinental railroad".

Let's not be so petty, OK? Obama was referring to the intercontinental railroad that we are putting the finishing touches on right at this moment. That's right, the same stimulus money that brought you high-speed rail has been busy building the first intercontinental ballistic railroad. You Republicans may have been unaware of this project because you hate science.

The fine craftsmen of the United Auto Workers Union have made transportation history with this project. And they accomplished this with half the workforce getting paid to sit in union halls "ready to work".

And before you go off yelling accusations of boondoggle, you should be aware that the grants for this project are being paid to men who really know how to handle money. Most of them were picked because of their connection to the President's own reelection campaign finances. If the President trusts them with your money, shouldn't you?

There you have it: Science + Government Money + UAW Workers = hello? WINNING!!