Saturday, September 24, 2011

Racists Revealed!

Poor Morgan Freeman, he's noticed our racism. And how can he ignore it? It's all over the web. Got this from the google and 5 minutes cutting and pasting:

Membership is down and balance sheets show problems. But members of the National Rifle Association, celebrating their 125th anniversary here, declare their power is undiminished as they aim to defeat "the most anti-gun president in U.S. history."

NRA members say when asked who they'll support in November. "Anybody but Obama."

...[the candidate] and his entourage
of reporters drove past the armies of "ABO" signs
(Anybody But Obama) that adorn U.S. 99...

Floating next to Mitch Sikora in the Carlton Tower swimming pool, James Kotchevar said he's voting ABO - Anybody But Obama.

Reagan pointed to the overwhelmingly red electoral map as proof of a landslide, affirming this broad mandate to rule. Yet it was essentially an ABO – Anybody But Obama – mandate. So many Americans soured on Obama’s tentative, apologetic debate performance after a year of disasters, especially the continuing Iranian hostage crisis.

Wait a minute. That last one, Obama didn't run against Reagan, right? And the Iranian hostage crisis, that's Jimmy Carter's baggage. Um, oh, my bad. It seems all the above are quotes about Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.

They must have been black, too. It's funny how you forget these things.