Saturday, March 03, 2012

Human Dominoes

This world is soo unfair. Think about it, the 850 participants were all wearing the same shirt. That's 850 X $15 = $12,750.00 for just the t-shirts. Do you realize that much money could buy Sandra Fluke birth control pills for over 12 years?

And look how happy these people are; like they haven't got a care in the world. They're in New Orleans. Do they know that just 1086 miles up the road (1157 mi if you take rt 95) there is a poor law student that can't afford to have sex? That's right, can't afford it. Laugh and be happy you mindless amerikan troglodytes. All I can do is weep.

This is for you Sandra,

Mute the dominoes and play the violin soundtrack while watching this mindless fun. Then ponder how meaningless our earthly pursuits are when compared to the Sandra Fluke tragedy.

video h/t: presurfer