Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Malingerer Shows Commitment

This is why socialism doesn't work:

In a desperate bid to keep collecting unemployment, an Austrian man reportedly sawed off his own foot — and then cooked it, just to be sure it couldn't be reattached and foil his plan.

Just before he was due for a health check with jobs officials, Hans Url, 56, of Mitterlabill, held his leg to his circular saw and sliced off his foot at the ankle, the Daily Mail reported.

He then tossed his severed foot into an oven to prevent doctors from possibly reattaching [it] in his bizarre bid to remain on unemployment.

A certain percentage of the population is just fine with being taken care of by everyone else. And, as this guy illustrates, some will go to extraordinary lengths to stay on the dole. And I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the guy makes his wife clean up the circular saw. "I work my shins to the bone trying to provide for this family; the least you could do is help clean up."

[I just realized, "dollars to doughnuts" might soon be an extinct phrase; they're not far from equivalent now, and in some cases, I'd prefer the doughnut]