Monday, March 12, 2012

Penguins, the Thugs of the Flightless Bird World

It's not for nothing that a Penguin was chosen as a Batman villain. Watch them here live. Watch their meritocracy, in which the biggest and fastest penguins are first to get the tasty fish and those that are slower are forced to eat exactly the same fish a little bit later.

Watch the fights as gangs of lightly armed penguins drive innocent rivals off of the area the penguins call, "hey, I was standing there first."

Here,I was lucky enough to catch a brave zoo worker trying to retrieve a garden hose that the little thugs had stolen. This is the last shot of his legs as he tries to escape with the hose. You can only imagine the fate he met off screen.

I was idly thinking about how much more dangerous these guys would be if they had stingers. Then it occurred to me; I don't ever remember reading that they don't have stingers. You think I jest, but you didn't see that zoo worker disappear.


I suppose that in light of this afternoon's carnage, I should label the penguin cam as Not Safe For Work. Who knew? I swear I didn't know that they fed these fellows by herding in a live cow. Still they made quick work of the cow and everything has been cleaned up in their "killing zone". So it's safe to view the cam again, though I'd keep a finger on the mouse button if you should see a cow being led in.