Thursday, January 11, 2007

Don't Mess With Us

From a Yahoo slideshow:

Members of the Special Warfare Command scrub their bodies with snow during an annual severe winter season drill in Pyongchang...
The idea being, I think, that your enemy will hesitate to engage if he thinks you're insane. "Lieutenant, the enemy is attacking in force from the East. We've taken off our shirts and rolled on the ice, but still they come... should we start whooping, or stuffing snow down our pants?"

Also.... "Retreat? This isn't a retreat, were just sliding down the hill on our bare asses in a different direction..."

soldier's diary... "We were ambushed today. Twenty to thirty ROK special forces, naked, making snow angels and doing somersaults.. we didn't even get a chance to take off our shirts..."


ShrinkWrapped said...

Thanks for the humor; some days you just have to laugh at it all and this post made me LOL.