Monday, January 29, 2007

Taxing Matters

Picture dollar bills with wings, flapping their way into the distance...

On January 12, 2007, Representative Anna Crook was in the local Clovis, New Mexico newspaper when the Chamber of Commerce honored her with its 2006 Citizen of the Year Award at a black-tie affair. She was recognized for being instrumental in bringing to New Mexico the Second Chance Program, a holistic treatment program for substance abuse inmates. She had secured $350,000 in federal funding for the alternative program in Albuquerque. Another $160,000 in state funds had been earmarked and it had just asked the state for $3.6 million to continue operations.

Earlier in the month, four articles praising the program appeared in publications everywhere, saying “a unique social rehabilitation model is now in place in the criminal justice system of New Mexico, which offers not only drug rehab but also a program that engenders self-respect in the incarcerated as a way to help reduce criminal tendencies.”

........The program is based on “The Way to Happiness” by L. Ron Hubbard, described by Nickerson as “a non-religious moral code.”
More Scientology crap? So they can get these guys off drugs and make them what? Sane as Tom Cruise? There's something to shoot for. Read all about it.


PGP said...

I thought it was more like something to shoot AT!

lumberjack said...

Sure, in a perfect world they'd let us hunt Scientologists. As it is, you can't even call them clam-sucking degenerate alcoa heads without getting a letter from their lawyers.