Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Filling the void (?) left by AAR's slow circling of the drain, is Nova M Radio. Which, like a Nova, should burn out spectacularly, either that, or it will be a fairly light Chevrolet product from the 60's, once easily modified for speed, but now mainly found rusting in junk yards.

Do these guys never learn? From their site:

For only $100 per year you can support Nova M Radio by becoming a founding member of Nova M Founder's Club online service and get a fantastic service right away.

Nova M Founder's Club members have total access to podcast and download segments, interviews or entire programs. You can listen to your favorite Nova M Radio shows whenever and wherever you want.
Plus there's the old AAR, being sold and no doubt resurrected, and relaunched at a different point around the drain spiral. It will be fun to watch these two battle for their shares of a market that isn't really there.


PGP said...

Do these guys never learn?

My question would be WHO ever cared?

Wrymouth said...

check out the schedule of talent! I think the word "cornucopia" immediately fails to spring to mind.