Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Like snowflakes, no two alike

Andrew Sullivan says that this "outs the rigid theology of Robert P. George."

Basically the letter (from Lee Silver, Princeton) is asserting that one of the above images is an embryo and one is a collection of stem cells and that because you can't tell one from the other, it is wrong to call one a human being and the other a clump of cells. Also, if you believe otherwise - you're a fundamentalist.

The difference, of course, is that if left alone, one of these clumps of cells can grow into a totally unique human being - a walking, talking, thinking, human being. Outward appearances do not define him. Last October 31, from all outward appearances, I was a nun. Would Silver assert that I'm a nun now because I looked like one on Halloween? Or would he look at me now and assert we're all nuns?

Ah well, his argument is hardly worth the pixels needed to refute it. Here's a better quiz. Look at the images and guess which one is the liberal weenie:


PGP said...

Perhaps not a NUN but you are still a clump of cells.
Me too....... :)

So thank your lucky stars that you weren't used for research!

Gino said...

but andrew sullivan also says queer starts at creation.
so, i ask him...
does a queer clump of cells look different than a non queer clump of cells?

or is it a choice cell clumps make later?