Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jane Who?

I came across this fine picture of Jane Fonda at Look how righteous she is. When my kid asks why she's holding up a fist, I'll be too embarrassed to tell her that we all did that back then. Yeah, see, we were tough. And, though it started out as the Black Power fist, Jane and the rest of us were oppressed black people on the inside. Jane's oppression was subtle. Much of it had to do with riding coach when first class was over booked. God we must have been insufferable.

This picture was taken in 1970. Later that year I heard her speak at the University of Maryland. She called for the deaths of our GIs in Vietnam. She called shrilly for the filling of body bags. Strident, that's what her voice was. You got the feeling that if she had a gun....

Anyway, the best part of finding this picture was the text at the top of the info section: Jane Fonda - Who Was She? Reading that, it struck me. One day nobody will know the answer to that question. I take comfort in that.

Hey, they've got color mugshots too. Don't know if I've ever posted this one before. I'm pretty sure I own that shirt. I know I've had that hair before.


Wrymouth said...

Nick Nolte:

Best. Mugshot. Ever.