Thursday, January 18, 2007


Didja see? The clock keeps ticking, and Concerned Scientists just moved us x amount closer to disaster. For now anyway. They'll back the clock off again (when we're not looking) so as to allow them to move it forward, with much drama, the next time the humans veer off the path of righteousness. All this doomsday stuff got you down? Think of it this way: we're two and a half times safer than we were in 1953.

BTW, isn't this version of Concerned Scientist better than the guy they trotted out this week? At first I thought he was gesturing with his scientist pipe, but inspection of the shadow shows that it's his glasses. Just as effective, I think. "I use these glasses to pour over equations all day long, but the news I bring is so important that I'm going to remove them and gesture for all to see."

So, thank Science we've got Concerned Scientists. And just imagine how much better off we'd be if we'd had them a thousand years ago. Concerned Scientists back then would have been able to point out our reckless use of oxen and, in doing so, save humanity from the Medieval Warm Period.


Wrymouth said...

You can't fool me. That picture's from 1955, isn't it?

lumberjack said...

Ha! Trick question.

Anyone who studies the chart can see: we were all dead by 1955.

Citizen Lurker said...

A clock? Are you sure this isn't a mock-up of a Canadian plan to construct a giant swinging gate and stem the tide of inevitable influx of Central Americans?

Look at how he's using the shadow of his glasses to indicate the projected northern migration path...

PGP said...

I would like to know where the "clock" is!
I would also like to move the hands to see how many concerned scientists and chicken littles would drop dead on the spot!

tomax7 said... ya think maybe their battery needs changing?