Thursday, November 06, 2008

Better News

I've noticed that God often sprinkles little bits of goodness into troubled times. And just when I was feeling down about the monumental-historic president taking a lightsaber to the S&P500 along comes news that my favorite childhood toy has made it into the Toy Hall of Fame:

The lowly stick, a universal plaything powered by a child's imagination, has landed in the National Toy Hall of Fame along with Baby Doll and the skateboard.

The trio was chosen Thursday to join the Strong National Museum's all-star lineup. Previous inductees range from the bicycle and Mr. Potato Head to Crayola crayons and the cardboard box.

Curators at the Rochester museum say the stick is a special addition. They praised its all-purpose, all-natural, no-cost qualities and its ability to serve either as raw material or an appendage transformed by imaginations into something else.

I may have mentioned before that my only toy growing up was a stick. And really, it wasn't mine, it belonged to a neighbor kid. But he would sometimes let me play with it. Or more accurately, he would promise to let me play with it. I don't quite remember him ever doing so, though. Possibly it was just me imagining that one day he would promise to let me have a turn. It was a fine toy. And the lack of any other toys in my life made the prospect of it very special.

And of course, the other little delight we got with this election is the continuing hard luck of Al Franken. The recount torture could drag on for weeks and weeks, and I may have to start going to confession daily if my delight continues at this level. Really, I can't get the deranged grin off my face. Luckily I blend in with the Obama supporters; those who still bother to come in to work anyway.