Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's Been a Long Night

OK, I've about given up on the Breaking News! story that this was all just a joke: ha-ha, fooled you, McCain won handily. I guess it's time to go into waiting-for-the-tax-cut mode. And I suppose it'll coincide with the wait for Iran to get the bomb. Ah well.

So now I have something in common with Obama's Kenyan relatives: we all killed a goat tonight -- them in celebration, me in anger. Though, to be accurate, I killed the ducks in anger, and the goat had to go so as to leave no witnesses.

Hey, but there is the smallest bit of good news: Al Franken is behind in his race for the Senate. (down by 2% with 66% reporting at the moment) I think I'll go to bed before they ruin that too.