Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Silver Lining

So OK, some people had to prove to themselves that America could elect a black president. I never had any doubt. Ask anyone who wouldn't vote for Obama if they would vote for Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams, or possibly even Colin Powell - you'd most likely get a yes answer on one of them. But America, just because you can doesn't mean you must.

Fine though, what's done is done. I have even more faith in America: I believe that we'll be open to the idea of a second black president, even after the first one has turned our admittedly flawed capitalist system into a cluster-monkey unrehearsed Chinese model poetry slam. (or something) No, that doesn't mean I won't give Obama a chance. He is our president now, and he deserves our support until such time as he actually does something. Something unworthy of support, that is. Like a new roommate in prison, it's best to start out on good terms, but sleep with your back to the wall.

Anyway, silver lining: Al Franken's heart, such as it is, should be thoroughly broken. I planned to ignore the numbers until morning but I couldn't help myself, I kept checking throughout the night. The bonus was that Franken even pulled ahead by a thousand or so votes with 95% of the votes counted. So his dream teetered and tottered on the edge before the long fall to the pavement. I'm sure there will be a recount but as of now Coleman wins it by a little over 300 votes. (1,211,403 to 1,211,089) Oh Al, how can your warm and salty tears also taste so sweet?