Monday, November 17, 2008

They Don't Need Our Help

Swedish design group ADDI has come up with an cutting-edge
polar bear lifejacket design concept to help polar bears navigate
the changes in their habitat.

For the polar bear who has everything. So why not one of those floating lawn chairs with multiple drink holders and a little niche for their smokes? What? Polar bears don't smoke, you say? Well, neither do they need life jackets.

And another thing. It's odd that nobody questions this big concern that there's not as much ice -- so the polar bears have to swim further to hunt. Why? Do you think that seals tread water out out there in the middle of the ocean? No, the seals use the ice too. Less ice should make for easier seal slaughtering.

Never mind that the ice has always been variable. Never mind that instances of drowned bears is not up. Never mind that we may be headed for a new ice age. And especially never mind that there is not enough liquor available in the Arctic circle to get someone drunk enough to try and put one of those things on a polar bear.

What? No floppy hat?