Sunday, April 25, 2010

Darn the Luck

Imagine you talk the wife into letting you make a protest sign out of one of her good sheets, and then even get her to help you hold the thing, but then, darn it, the racists go into hiding and you end up looking like sheet-wasting-guy. Not your fault. They were here a minute ago.... or were they?

My opinion: this is how the infiltrate the tea party thing got going. It must be frustrating when the subjects of your derision just refuse to act like the racists you believe them to be. Me, in that situation, I'd think that maybe I was wrong in my assessment. The anti-anti-tea infiltrators had a different idea - let one of us be the racist militant gun lover and the rest of us will point him out and take pictures. What a silly bunch.

h/t: James Taranto