Monday, April 26, 2010

This Is How I'm Spending My Retirement

Writing angry letters to the editor about things most people don't even notice:

Are Weymouth's lampposts crooked?

A RETIRED rocket and bomb engineer has hit out at ‘dangerously-exposed’ and ‘tilting’ lampposts along one of Weymouth’s busiest roads.

Dr Fred Beardshall has declared that the town’s lampposts look like ‘something out of Alice in Wonderland’ and expressed concern about the street light replacement under way along Dorchester Road.

Go get um Fred. And congratulations, you made it into the Angry people in local newspapers blog. It's a blog about, well, angry people who have made it into their local newspapers. Pretty cool idea. As we become less and less able to steer the ship of our own lives, it will be nice to click on over and read about the sometimes improbable things bothering other people.