Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kumar Gets Robbed


WASHINGTON (AFP) – Actor Kal Penn, who appeared in the TV medical drama "House" and the "Harold and Kumar" movies, and worked as a White House aide, was robbed at gunpoint in Washington DC Tuesday, his publicist said....

....Entertainment Weekly reported on April 2 that Penn planned to leave the White House and return to his acting career, with a Christmas-themed "Harold and Kumar" movie in the pipeline.

Penn was a prominent campaigner during President Barack Obama's 2008 White House bid, and was offered a job in the administration in 2009.

I am sorry to see he was robbed. How's it go?? A conservative is a liberal who got mugged? I guess we'll see.

But also great: the way House got rid of his character. They had him commit suicide, then had the other characters go around remarking on how they couldn't see it coming. I always wondered if the House people wrote the suicide into the show as revenge for his abrupt decision to leave. Ha! Quit our show and you can't come back.

Oh, I suppose they could have him come back as Kutner's lost twin brother or something. Or have him show up as a patient who just happens to look remarkably like Kutner. Yeah, then they could kill him again! Have him expire from explosive diarrhea or something while the staff goes around guessing "rhabdo", as if there was such a thing.

Anyway, I wish him luck. Though I suspect he did a David Caruso when he left House. And to think he gave it up for that single-season Obama production.