Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taxed Enough Already

Oh come on, you guys. Keeping Bush's tax cuts, for now, is good. But that's not the point.

Say you're out shopping with the wife. She asks for $50 dollars for shoes. (personally I think it's best to keep the women barefoot, but this is just an example so bear with me) Sure, that's reasonable you say, and fork over the $50.

Off you go to the tool section (where you belong) to see what's new in table saws. Which doesn't take long because they remember you from last time and won't let you plug anything in. So upon returning you see that the little lady is already carrying a half dozen pairs of shoes, and still looking. Whoa, a sale you think; surely you've married the most savvy shopper on the planet. And on she goes, filling up a cart, and eventually even tossing in a car company and several banks.

And finally you have to ask, "You do remember math, right? You're aware that you've only got $50 to spend?" To which she replies, "Don't worry about it. The lady at the entrance signed me (us) up for a card that will take care of all this, and more."

My question is this: Do you make a lawn sign that says "My wonderful wife only asks for $50/year for shoes"?

Credit is magic, until the bills come due. The crux isn't what we had to pay this year; it's what we spent. And we seem to have a president who won't leave the store.

Dude, step away from the Manolos.

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