Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Civil War

I understand why some in Congress want to pass a "we don't like it" resolution. They have succeeded in eroding support for the war, (witness John Kerry admitting pariah-hood at Davos, thank you John) and now they want this on their resume. We're for peace. OK, I get it.

What I'm not going to hold my breath for is a resolution stating that we are in favor of letting Iraq fall into full fledged civil war. Or, possibly, the Murtha resolution: that everything will return to normal in Iraq if we withdraw immediately. Go ahead congress, vote we-don't-like-it. But be honest and vote a "to hell with them" or a "it's all going to be ok" resolution as well.


Stone said...

Do you seriously think they have the nads for such a thing? Talk about electing the "castrati..."