Saturday, February 17, 2007

Madonna and Britney

So Britney Spears was going to go into rehab and clean up, but opted to shave her head and get a tattoo instead.... well, ok, I can see that. You know, six of one - half dozen of the other.

The funny celebrity this week is Madonna:

Madonna says she is not content to be the Queen of Pop - she wants to be like Gandhi.
She apparently didn't spell out how she wanted to be like Gandhi. Is she referring to scheduled bowel movements, or taking naps with mud packs?
Mondays were "days of silence," when he refused to speak. A devoted vegetarian, he indulged in faddish dietetic experiments that sometimes came near to killing him. He eschewed all spices as a discipline of the senses. He napped every day with a mud poultice on abdomen and brow. He was so insistent on absolute regularity in his daily regimen that he safety-pinned a watch to his homespun dhoti, synchronized with the clock at his ashram. He scheduled his bowel movements for 20 minutes morning and afternoon. "The bathroom is a temple," he said, and anyone was welcome to chat with him there. He had a cleansing enema every night.
Somehow I don't think she is ready to renounce sex and material pleasures. Or maybe she doesn't have a clue who Gandhi was. She likes the idea of everyone talking about her though, and one way to do that is by striving to become a "skinny, bent figure, nut brown and naked except for a white loincloth, cheap spectacles perched on his nose, frail hand grasping a tall bamboo staff."

I say go for it. At least it's a break from the glittery, ass slapping, crucifixions.


Gino said...

damn, this is good.
i wish i had written it.

i've been moving in this type of attitudinal direction lately.