Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Time of War

There seems to be nothing the media won't cover, nothing the politicians won't say. No secret so important that it must remain secret. No enemy so dangerous that we must refrain from encouraging him. I guess nothing is sacred anymore, literally or figuratively. When I was 20, that seemed like a good idea. Today, [Borat warning] not so much.


Scott H said...

What John Kerry actually talked to the other side and engaged them in discourse? Oh no. We wouldn't have wanted a President who actually understand how the other side thinks or how people different than him think! Perhaps if conservatives didn't all bandwagon onto mindless little snippets like shots of Kerry with some guy in a turban (because most probably don't even recognize who it is), then maybe they'd nominate candidates for President who are actually competent at something other than smearing the other side with half-truths.

The 2004 election is over, you'd think the Kerry bashing could stop. But then again, I guess the conservatives don't have anything good to say about what they've done the past 2-3 years now do they?

lumberjack said...

No, I don't object to discourse. I object to Kerry shaking his head and saying we've become a pariah. I object to him going outside our borders and giving encouragement to the Islamic fundamentalists.
Don't be fooled; John Kerry was representing the interests of John Kerry, not the interests of the United States.
And I would like to see the administration open talks with Iran. Though I don't expect them to accomplish anything - at least it takes away the argument that we didn't try.