Saturday, February 03, 2007

Global FUD

News Photo: Polar bears stand in one place for months while the ice breaks off and melts underneath them.

I may as well point out the continuing FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) campaign:

Global warming sees polar bears stranded on melting ice
They cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe, their fragile grip the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming.....
Except that they're not stranded. Except for the fact that they swam out there to hunt. They climbed up there to scan for prey. And when they're done, they'll swim back. Except for that, they're the "perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming."

And they are. They're the symbol of zealots who will say anything to advance their cause. And the tragedy is that if there is a problem with CO2 in the atmosphere, many of us will miss the proof when it does come, simply because it'll be buried under this mountain of lies, half-truths, and manbearpigs.


Gino said...

but most folks dont know a wit bout polar bears, so they see the pic, and gasp.

my question: the GW dudes who took the picture? why didnt they try to help? didnt they throw them some fish? call the stranded whale rescuers, or something?

lumberjack said...

I bet they even have pictures of the bears jumping off to scarf down a seal or two.
What I'd like to see is the bears developing a taste for greenpeace cameramen.

Papa Ray said...

No, many will "miss the proof" because they will have their heads up their arse.

Just like the masses now have in this Republic when it comes to the Iraqi War.

They don't understand that Iraq is just one of the first battles of this war that will most likely still be going on when my grandkids are dead and gone.

But, I can guarantee that there will still be plenty of Polar Bears left.

Papa Ray
West Texas

George said...

Clearly, that picture was taken some time during an arctic summer. If, right now, you went looking for the spot those bears occupy in that photo, it would be frozen solid -- and dark. This is the arctic winter; wherever that was taken it was arctic, or more likely sub-arctic summer.

If the photo proves anything, it is that there are people around who are willing to believe anything.