Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Antartica is Melting!

Was melting in 2005, that is. Then refreezing. And it hasn't happened since. And it might be something that happens all the time. But what the hell, the headline is too good to pass up: California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica. Sheesh.

Makes it sound like all the snow melted doesn't it? No, it was just a surface layer that melted to some unspecified depth, then refroze. So what does that mean? Probably nothing. Still, good headline. One more log on the fire of hysteria, dutifully thrown into the pile by the true believers. Meanwhile, though there can be no more debate, though only climate fools in the pay of the big oil companies would argue, some scientists are rethinking the whole man-made global warming thing.

I wonder how many of the Global Warmists remember Y2K. Remember Y2K? The sun was going to stop shining, ATMs were going to explode, and our coffee makers were going to attack us. Every story warned of dire consequences, and then... nothing. Y2K came and went and planes didn't fall from the sky. International currency markets didn't collapse. We weren't reduced to marauding tribes, subsisting on roots and family pets. Y2K scared us because it was the unknown. Who knows what might happen? So we had articles speculating on how bad it could get. Same as now.


Jeff said...

Do you remember when Herpies was Aids? Aids was going to wipe out the population in 5 years? What ever happened to Bird Flu? Did you or anyone you know get vaccinated? How did we all survive?

lumberjack said...

Not just those, I remember Disco fever.