Friday, May 25, 2007

Those Wayward Humpbacks

They're still trying to manipulate nature:

RIO VISTA, Calif. - Marine biologists said Thursday that they planned to spray fire hoses in a river near two lost, injured whales in the next attempt to coax the pair back toward salt water.

The method has never been tried before, and biologists don't know how the whales will respond Friday.......

The approach comes after attempts to lead them back to sea using the sounds of clanging pipes, feeding humpbacks and killer orcas failed.
Does any of this sound familar? That's right. These are the exact same tactics that Janet Reno used in Waco. Let's hope they work, because there's talk of Senator Kennedy driving a car at them if this fails.

Somehow, again, this appears to be the wrong graphic for this story. I apologize for the mixup.


PGP said...

I applaud your taste in alternative graphics!

lumberjack said...

Thanks. I was worried that the image didn't quite express the whole atmosphere of the whale rescue effort. It does capture some of the nuance though. And we're all about nuance these days.

D said...

If they would only chase the whales downstream using hillary campaign speeches - The whales would run from the whale tunes.