Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internet Advice

The internet is great for getting advice. Problem is, there's too much of it. For the past half hour I've been searching information on chiggers. There are people who swear the following works every time:

*Scratch like hell, and pour on some bleech, then disinfect with some antibiotic soap, and cover bites w/ vasoline.

*eat a teaspoon of pharmacy grade sulphur with a tablespoon of molasses.

*malt liquor and finger nail polish

*make a paste of salt and rub in the chigger bite

*Take your finger nail and make an X right in the middle of your bite.

*always rub pine sol over chigger bites

*Only use straight VINEGAR

*We have found that if you put icy hot on the chigger bites it will help the itching and smother the chiggers, but make sure you do not get the icy hot around your personal areas, it will burn very badly

*whenever someone gets them i always tell them to use finger nail polish

*i have found that hemmoriod cream works

*I have found that betadine or witch hazel work great

*mother use to put turpentine on them. I’ve tried tea tree oil.

* Rub a bit of Vicks Vapo-rub on the chigger bite

*Old Spice original scent stick deoderant

*asorbine jr.for itchy feet stoped the itching instantly…

*I use regular Ban Roll On. It also helps the itch from poison ivy.

*Baths for 1 hour in bubbble bath and 1/4 cup of peanut oil added every 20 miutes to keep mites from climbing back on you...

And most carry the warning, "This will burn like hell for about 5 minutes but..."

You get the idea, though. It pretty much boils down to: scratch the chigger bite with anything you find in the tool box, then apply pretty much anything you find in the kitchen, medicine cabinet, laundry room, or pool supply store. Then bathe in a solution of half water - half random chemicals. Then cut off the affected limb, apply a tourniquet, and problem solved.


PGP said...

Take an anti histamine and an Advil to cut the swelling and irritation.
Then burn their chiggery asses with any kitchen chemical that won't permanently scar you!

Vinegar works so does garlic!
Best is antiseptic rub.
It aint rocket surgery!

Stone said...

Have you tried looking on the Internet? I know there's a lot of information out there...

wrymouth said...

where do you live? South America? Please advise, so that I don't end up moving there by mistake.

Here in the deesrt o' southern california, we have very few fleas, no chiggers, and very few ticks. Maybe an occasional mosquito.

It's one of the few perqs of living in an area that tops 110 degrees for about 50 days a year...

lumberjack said...

I'm probably going with the belt sander followed by hot tar. Though I might try talking them out first. (note: it's a widely held belief that they bury themselves in your skin, but Chigger Scientists insist that isn't true) Which is good, because negotiations with bugs never work unless you first know what you did to piss them off.

Wally Ballou said...

They are not in there, but their broken off mouth parts are (apparently they are part of the "disposable culture", like us evil humans). Until your body dissolves the mouth parts, you will produce histamines and itch lie\ke crazy. You can't kill them - the part that is left is already dead.

The only thing that works is waiting - breaking the skin can make the wait longer.

In order to NOT GET chigger bites, use this stuff:


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