Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rosie Go Boom

Allah over at Hot Air has got that video of Rosie blowing up. It's fun stuff:

With Rosie on her way out I guess there’s no reason for them to pretend they’re friends anymore. Here she is at her disingenuous worst, playing the “big, fat, lesbian” victim while deliberately twisting Hasselbeck’s point about the enemy in Iraq — namely, Al Qaeda — to accuse her of treating Iraqi civilians as the enemy.
The "big fat lesbian" thing is Rosie's term. She says that's what the right wing cable shows call her whenever she has an argument with "Christian Elisabeth". Oh, grow up Rosie. It's not your size or sexual orientation that grates; it's what's in your head.

So now some are speculating that Rosie will quit the show early. This picture would tend to refute that:

This guy is still standing by on the rigging they use to get Rosie's ass into the studio.