Thursday, May 17, 2007

Democrats Getting More Dates?

From The Hill, an article claiming that Democrats are getting more dates since coming to power:

As one Democratic campaign strategist remarked, “Taking back the majority certainly has its perks. With the shift in power has come a shift in social standing for once-shunned Democratic operatives. It seems everyone from lowly interns to nerdy policy wonks have a full dance card so long as they have a ‘D’ behind their name.”
OK, I call Shenanigans. Guys will tell women that they're race car drivers, CIA operatives, and brain surgeons (and sometimes all three) if it's in the interest of romantic advancement. You think we wouldn't lie about party affiliation?

The thing is, it's still probably an advantage to identify yourself as a Republican. The urban night is sometimes fraught with danger, and a girl wants to be escorted by someone who isn't going to try to figure out "what we did to make the mugger angry at us."


Stone said...

Hey - I'm a CIA car surgeon! You got a problem with that?

OK, off to get my broom...