Friday, May 18, 2007


I've said before that I like BoingBoing, despite it's left-of-Stalin viewpoint on a lot of things. Like this:

Well, the Shrub has finally admitted that global warming exists. He had to, after a study commissioned by his own government said, basically, "Duh, yes, stop being an idiot." However, the same report contains such howlers as:
"Health impacts ... can be ameliorated through such measures as the increased availability of air conditioning."
CO2 junkies in denial are so sad.
Well, yes they are, when you think that barely a month goes by without a link to really cool fire belching, shooting, enveloping stuff on BoingBoing. This was at the top of the page when I checked today:

And really, it's cool. Nice looking machine, and hey, I'm a guy; I like fire. But I don't wag my finger at you telling you to burn less carbon. Google BoingBoing for "propane" or "fire" to see lots of cool stuff:

But my favorite is probably this one:

"I heated my pool from 68F to 89.4F in 48 hours using 3.5 tanks of propane."

BoingBoing can talk the talk, but can't seem to walk the walk without stopping every other step to set a Tickle Me Elmo doll on fire. (which is also very cool)


PGP said...

hehe! I was wondering if the Burning Man organizers and devotees will give up their profligate CO2 generation orgy! ?

lumberjack said...

It doesn't seem right; we have one fifth of the world population but we do 100% of the world's huge effigy in the desert burning.

Maybe we could talk them into burning smaller men - say 20% smaller each year. After a few dozen years the whole celebration would consist of putting a Ken doll in a cup of warm water.