Monday, July 30, 2007

Judge Roberts

The story is that Judge Roberts fell and was taken to the hospital and is probably fine. So I thought I'd check HuffPo to see how their moderators are doing with the fringe majority on that site. Only 6 comments so far, and no I-hope-all-the-brown-shirts-die posts. One though was cute:

He took Harriet Miers' position, remember? WHEN not if Bush goes to the SC to challenge Miers' contempt charge, Roberts will rule in favor of the thugs who just beat him up and sent him to the hospital. Roberts just learned that he can get beat up, sent to the hospital, and the news will report he "fell." Damn, that's gotta hurt.

If that doesn't read like a Bush Mafia threat... you haven't been paying attention.
Wheeee! Always fun at the Huffpo!