Monday, September 08, 2008

Air Force Cyber Command

Noah Shachtman writes in DangerRoom:

Air Force nuclear and cyber troops, well-place Air Force sources say, could be combined into a single "Global Effects Command." These forces would work with U.S. Strategic Command, to deter foes with missiles, bombers, or electrons. In effect, it would be Strategic Air Command, revamped for the Internet age. In other words, America's cyber forces wouldn't just protect military networks. They'd go on the attack against online foes.

Sounds like fun and games until someone gets hurt. (I can see the missiles going up and everyone scrambling to find out what the hell happened, only to find out one of the nerds got trolled by a Chinese counterpart... "Well, he started it")

Nah, of course the nuke buttons wouldn't be in the same room as the geeks. Anyway, seeing as Photoshop was open anyway, I tweaked their emblems: