Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Sharks Circle

I'm trying to avoid the MSM until they get over their initial pregnant-teenager frenzy. I'm a little amazed that the same line is being used over and over; something like, "of course we shouldn't bring the children of candidates into this, but people are going to talk and therefore....." And then they bring the child into it.

Can it possibly be that they think conservatives are straitlaced prudes who will put Sarah Palin on the shunned-list because her family is made up of humans who are subject to all the conditions that come with being human? (I'm reminded of an in-your-face-whitey rap song from long ago in which the artist expressed disdain for the (white) establishment. And part of the rant included an obscene reference to John Wayne; as if it was a stab to the heart of the racist bastards. I couldn't help but clutch my chest and laugh every time I heard the line.)

Well no, MSM. We aren't all gasping clutching our chests at this news. If it holds interest at all, it's because we're seeing, again, how simple, and silly, you are in your view of us.

Also, what this post started out about: The amazing Jonah Goldberg, who has a brain the size of Houston, reminds us:

Am I crazy, or did the press spend 16 years congratulating itself over how it left president's kids alone? I guess Sarah Palin doesn't qualify for that kind of decency yet.