Sunday, September 28, 2008

Missouri Ad

Don't worry, I think I'm safe from prosecution. I said "might" be a zombie. And anyway, I'd like to see anyone prove that he's not a zombie. This isn't what the disgraceful St. Lewis County prosecuting attorney was talking about anyway.

Sure, he'd like to say he was talking about all 'those damn zombie ads.' Truth is though, he doesn't want to prosecute anyone. He just wants to use his position as a law enforcement officer to intimidate the local media from running ads critical of Obama's ties to some very radical, and even anti-American characters.

This is pretty low-rent behavior. I've got nothing but contempt for St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer. I can't vote them out of office. But votes may not be needed in order to stop this shameful behavior.

From the FBI site:

U.S. law enforcement officers and other officials like judges, prosecutors, and security guards have been given tremendous power by local, state, and federal government agencies—authority they must have to enforce the law and ensure justice in our country. These powers include the authority to detain and arrest suspects, to search and seize property, to
bring criminal charges, to make rulings in court, and to use deadly force in certain situations.

Preventing abuse of this authority, however, is equally necessary to the health of our nation’s democracy. That’s why it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law. “Color of law” simply means that the person is using authority given to him or her by a local, state, or federal government agency.

The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating color of law abuses, which include acts carried out by government officials operating both within and beyond the limits of their lawful authority. Off-duty conduct may be covered if the perpetrator asserted his or her official status in some way.

Does this "Truth Squad" violate the civil right to free speech? Even more important, isn't it interfering with a federal election? I hope the FBI is keeping an eye on any contacts these Obama truthers have with media executives in Missouri.

I hesitated, because the FBI is involved in many very serious cases, but in the end I realized that this is a very serious matter... so I filed a request that they look into this report. At the very least, these prosecutors need to be reminded that they are public servants, and that they are not free to use the law to promote one candidate over another.