Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You Go Newt

Can't help myself, I just replaying this.

Best part: Starting the question out with "but to be fair," which, translated means, "to be entirely unfair and, in fact, completely dishonest." Second best part: the Democrat inquisitor's mouth contortion when Newt is finished with his answer.

The ass-clown Olbermann then says Newt "left some openings there" meaning, "I can spin this some when we come back, and Newt isn't there to respond." I was watching this when it happened and I don't remember much of a rebuttal from Mathews' estranged girlfriend. I know what I didn't hear; I didn't hear Bubbleboy list anything comparable that Obama has done. Talk and write, that's about the book on BO.

Sorry for light blogging, been working, and now I'm going back out. There's rumors of saplings East of here and I like to nip these things in the bud. I'm always in favor of bud-nipping.