Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alaskan Invasion

So how are those dirt-diggers that the Democrats flew into Alaska doing? I understand the polar bears say they're delicious. Polar bears say, "Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom."

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Officials from Alaska teamed up Wednesday with the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama to launch a group aimed at exposing the truth and debunking myths about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.....

"Our current governor is now a candidate for the vice presidency and is one heartbeat away from the presidency, if she is successful in that regard," Knowles told a telephone news conference.

"I do have some very serious concerns about her qualifications for the office and some of the issues they are running on in terms of change that don't meet the facts of the situation," Knowles said.

Who is this official, Tony Knowles? Oh yeah, he's the two term Democrat governor that Sarah Palin beat. Darn. How were they able to turn him against her?