Friday, September 05, 2008

Silly Oprah

"The item in today's Drudge Report is categorically untrue. There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this Presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

Ummmm,Oprah.... after the election she's going to be a little busy.

***Update: I'm hearing some people giving Oprah hell for not having Sarah on. What? Oprah can do what she likes, hey, that's why it's called the Oprah show. Anyway, would you rather she had Sarah on and spent the whole time trying to tear her down?

True story: the worst book I ever read was an Oprah Book Club selection. I figured what the heck, if all these people are reading it, it can't be too bad. It was buckets full of too bad. It was monumental bad. I wanted to take drugs to get the words out of my head. And I learned something about Oprah's Book Club.

I've never watched her show beyond walking past a TV that had it on, but her show is like her book club: if it's good, people will watch. If it becomes a TV version of Air America, well, it will go the way of Air America. People won't watch her show, like I don't buy her books. Everybody wins.