Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lumbercruise 2008

Doesn't the National Review cruise look great? And the list of speakers goes on and on; I just didn't have room for them all in the screen shot. I'd love to go on one of those one day.

But in the meantime.... I very easily could have been asked recently about putting together a (somewhat more economical) Lumberjack Cruise. I've been thinking about it and noodling the numbers with the help of a somewhat innovative and, well, even unorthodox group of "travel arrangers". They are offering "any damn boat you want in the waters off Somalia". The drawback, of course, is getting to the waters off Somalia in the first place. Oh, plus they said we'd have to help with the boarding, whatever that means.

I'm also looking into getting conservative speakers for the trip but so far, they've all got pretty good security. No, just kidding. I was thinking we could just wait for the next National Review Cruise, and then send cars for their speakers. Tell them we're taking them to the NRO Cruise, and by the time they realize they're in a Panamanian tanker off the coast of Africa, it will be too late.